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Jordan Ware                                        Vocals, Guitar


It's time. It's been 3 years since

I recorded my last album and I

am ecstatic to be back in the

studio making music again. I 

love leading worship each

Sunday in our church, but this

is different. I've spent months with these songs - stripping each one down to the bare bones and then building it up again.  What a gift it has been to worship for hours, letting the truth of each one sink into my heart and mind. You are loved, and I hope you hear that message through these songs.  


Peace be with you,



Producer:  Andy Zipf of The Cowards Choir




 Andy's current album is entitled 

 'Name The Fear'.


Along with projects like this one, Matt and the staff at Clubhill Media specialize in custom event and promotional films. 



Engineer and Co-Producer:  Matt Williams 


The Making of Mountains and Valleys

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